Client Testimonials

Pasquini Engineering, Inc. | TD Creatives
Thanks to TD Creatives our internet presence has consistently brought us new clients in new areas that we would like to serve. Today I just spoke with a potential new client that is talking about three new homes in the Oakland area.  If we sign this account alone, it will be between $100,000 and $150,000 on that job alone.  Also today, spoke to a new National client, they do grading and paving jobs for fortune 1000 clients across the country.  Both of these clients found our website, thanks to the great work by TD Creatives.
Marc Pasquini
Pasquini Engineering, Inc.
Marca Tanner Brewington NordicTrack | TD Creatives

I was in-house counsel working with Tyann on blog and social media content for a large fitness manufacturing company. There were a lot of legal issues that had to be taken into account in drafting the blogs. Tyann was responsible for the content on 5 of the company’s blog sites. Her work was timely, fresh, and engaging, even with having to produce so much of it on a continual basis. She’s a quick study. She picked up what the legal issues we had to be conscious of very quickly, and honestly, there wasn’t anything that needed changed by and large when I reviewed her articles. It was just a pleasure to learn new things from her through the blogs.

Tyann is truly a professional, with a strong, positive voice. Her work really draws in an audience. She is a solid asset to any client who works with her.

Marca Tanner Brewington
Colby Bair Malouf Companies | TD Creatives

Tyann and I worked at iFit together for several years. It’s rare to see some one enter a company and take something that was an after thought and turn it into a serious and critical discipline of the business. This takes a special level of IQ and emotional intelligence to accomplish. I think what Tyann has done for iFit with Content Strategy is a quantifiable demonstration of the skills she holds, maintains and builds upon daily. Given the opportunity I would unquestionably have Tyann be not a member, but a leader within my organization.

Colby Bair
Malouf Companies
Dapper Dev | TD Creatives
I have worked with Tyann on many websites and SEO projects over the years. Her correspondence, content, and attention to detail is unmatched! If you’re looking to create quality content to improve your website rankings and build your brand I highly recommend working with TD Creatives!
Anthony Idi
Dapper Dev
Molly DiDonato iFIT | TD Creatives
I had the pleasure of working with Tyann at iFIT. We collaborated on several SEO projects for the company’s domestic and international websites. She provided thorough recommendations for content SEO strategies and initiatives. Tyann is a great communicator and would be an asset to any team.
Molly DiDonato
Jake Graham Nutrien Ag Solutions | TD Creatives

Tyann is a hard worker who genuinely cares about what she’s doing and for the people with whom she works. She effectively built iFit’s content channel from the ground up and she’s brimming with ideas for improving marketing as a whole. She’s also just a joy to work with — very friendly, energetic, and has a great sense of humor.

Jake Graham
Nutrien Ag Solutions
Hilary Lopez Semihandmade and BOXI | TD Creatives

During our time together, Tyann displayed great talents in content strategy and creation. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with her. She has a vast knowledge of copywriting, SEO, storytelling, and management.
However, it wasn’t just her technical skills that impress me. Tyann is a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and willingness to collaborate. She is valued not just by myself but also by her peers. I am absolutely confident that Tyann would be a great fit for any company.

Hilary Lopez
Semihandmade and BOXI

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